. EkoToi 1200 incinerating toilet without water and other chemicals
no water or other chemicals needed

EKOTOI 1200 description of toilet parts

01. Touch button

Color operating indication

03. Electronics

Control unit + IoT telemetry

05. Insulation

Thermal security insulation of hot parts

07. Bag area

Hygienic security of the toilet

09. Top cover

Built-in sensor

EkoToi 1200 construction parts
02. Exhaust of ventilation

The lead for exhaust pipe

04. Ashpan

Area for waste disposal

06. Insulation

Thermal security insulation of hot parts

08. Body

Sanitary nonflammable design

10. Cover of incinerating chamber

Security child lock

How does it actually work?

It looks almost like a traditional toilet. However it needs no water or sewage. The incinerating toilet EkoToi 1200 is a modern alternative solution for all places where it's not possible to place a traditional toilet.

The waste is automatically disposed by burning, odorless and hygienical. A family of 5 members produces only about 7 to 11 fl oz. of ash waste per week. The ash waste is absolutely free of any bacteria that were destroyed by the fire. The ash can be used as organic fertilizer. The toilet is 100% ecological. The toilet is powered by AC voltage (230 V, 10 A). In case of electricity power failure the toilet can be powered by built-in battery for 20 minutes. Battery status is monitored see the operating manual. The external container of the toilet is indistinguishable from traditional ceramical toilet. Its porefree surface is easy to clean and therefore maximally hygienical.

You ask we answer

What places is the incineration toilet suitable for?

Almost everywhere where no water or sewerage is available, but where the electrical connection is available. Especially recommended for cottages, houseboats, ecological houses, small shops, mountain guest houses or caravans. The options of toilet will exceed your expectations.


Simple. Our team will come and install the toilet or you can install it yourself. There is no need to demolish or rebuild anything. Toilet just requires to be connected to the existing ventilation duct / pipe and electric current.

Is the toilet hygienic?

Yes, absolutely. For every use ecological waterproof bag needs to be inserted into the flush bowl. The bag prevents the contact of waste and the toilet surface. All bacteria in the waste are then destroyed by incineration. The ash can even be used as a safe organic fertilizer.

Does the odor spread away from the toilet? Is it noisy?

No. The toilet is equipped with catalyst and its own quiet fan that removes any possible odors in the ventilation duct and out of the building. The fan is quiet (comparable to air conditioning).

What if I run out of toilet bags?

You can easily reorder more of them. The package contains 500 pieces.

How much are the running costs?

The operation is maximally economical. The average power consumption per one use is about 850 Wh only!

What if the power goes out?

If the power goes out, the emergency mode turns on. Toilet contains the built-in rechargeable battery that provides energy for ventilation and a control unit. Average battery life is 3 "flushes" or about 20 minutes of operation in emergency mode.

Can you "flush" the toilet paper?

Yes, the toilet can also burn regular toilet paper or tissues. It is used as the traditional toilet but works without water.

Can the toilet be used in the place that is not heated?

Yes, the incinerating toilet works equally at the plus or minus temperatures.

8 reasons why to choose the incinerating toilet

Why should you choose this solution? Here are some reasons that will convince you.

Low electricity power consumption.

Electrical incinerator

EkoToi 1200 has a special incineration chamber made of durable steel where the heat is generated by induction method. Incineration starts after the lid is closed and the button is pressed. The process of incineration goes on only until all the waste is converted into ash.

Low acquisition costs.

Low operating costs

Incinerating toilet is not only ecological but also economical. Single use consumes is 850 Wh only! Its capacity is designed for family of up to 5 members and fast incinerator ensures high performance and efficient operation.

Low installation costs

Low installation costs

It needs just standard ventilation pipes, nothing more. The toilet will be installed by our experts who will not demolish or rebuild anything. Technically skilled customer may install the toilet by himself according to the attached installation manual, which includes a assembling template.

Modern look

Modern appearance and easy maintenance

Toilet EkoToi 1200 is indistinguishable from the classical toilet. It is made of a composite and glass fibres, resistant stainless steel and aluminum which makes the toilet easily maintained. It is suitable for modern interiors and its design is ergonomical.

No odour or noise

No odor or noise

Incinerating toilet contains its own built-in fan and a platinum catalyst, that enables all possible odour from incineration to be lead away into a ventilation pipe. The incineration chamber is sufficiently insulated and the fan is very quiet, so don't worry about any noise (see the technical description).

Ecological operation

Ecological operation

The incinerating toilet saves water, since it actually doesn't need water at all. It also saves electricity power, since the toilet power consumption is minimal. And finally it helps to protect the environment by not producing any biological waste and the ash waste can be returned to nature as organic fertilizer.

IoT Monitoring


EkoToi 1200 contains IoT module (optional configuration) with internet access to monitor electricity power consumption or display the amount of saved water compared to classical toilet. Furthermore, the diagnosis can be made without the attendance of service engineer.

Perfect hygiene

100% hygiene

Bio-waste contains bacteria and can't be used as compost! Myth! If bio-waste goes through incineration, no bacteria has a chance to survive. Incinerating toilet is therefore maximally hygienic and the ash from it can be used in the garden.